Over 100 years combined marine carpeting experience

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Started in 1980, Sea Carpet has grown from just a part-time job to a full-time operation, doing well over a hundred boats a year. Our combination of quality installation, fair pricing, wide selection, and just plain showing up on time has made Sea Carpet the prime choice for marine floor covering.

Our clientele includes local builders, boat yards, dealers, brokers, skippers, designers, and yacht managers, as well as individual owners. Some of our clients have been with us for twenty and thirty years, and we are referred by people in other marine trades as well as current and previous customers.

Our projects have ranged from ten-foot inflatables to 100 foot yachts, Fish & Wildlife boats, and a Coast Guard buoy tender. Every job, regardless of size, receives the same quality workmanship and on-time service.

We are happy to provide referrals for any other service you may require, but for flooring needs give us a call. Both you and your boat will be pleased with the results.

Sea Carpet Exterior

Exterior Carpet

Outdoor carpet will cushion your feet and eliminate the glare from white decks. It is not recommended for wood decks. Proper backing is extremely important. We generally use carpet with vinyl or polypropylene backings as they don't disintegrate. Unfortunately that limits the color selection somewhat, but the carpet lasts longer. Although it's called "outdoor" carpet, anything with a rubber back should be avoided.

Exterior carpet is generally installed with snaps, though they're not always necessary. Heavier weight carpet feels better underfoot but is harder to handle and retains more water. Bridge and aft deck carpet can last twice as long as cockpit carpet.

Sea Carpet Interior

Interior Carpet

The carpet used in your home is usually fine for your boat. Most carpet is either cut pile or loop. Cut pile is softer and plusher, loops have more texture. Loops show less wear and may require binding around hatches and perimeters. With cut piles density is more important than height. Nylon is the preferred fiber material. Most carpet should last five years or longer, depending on usage.

Carpet can be installed conventionally with pad and tack strip, loose laid with or without pad, glued, snapped, or stapled directly to the deck. Installation method depends on layout of boat, type of floor, and desired hatch access.

For pad we generally use Duratech which is durable, firm, and helps with sound. For a softer feel normal rebond is ok. Sound deadening pad is available but generally only used in the salon over the engines.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the wide variety of carpet styles, patterns, and colors, we cannot be responsible for any man selecting carpet without his wife's approval.

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